Question: I already have a website, does this mean this free membership is not for me?

Answer: No! Even if you already have a website, you still have to join this for the Website Phenom Software. This is a piece of software that can help you create niche sites in a flash that are populated with your own affiliate links for clickbank, amazon and your custom content! I am certain the Website Phenom software is something you want to add to your arsenal, ESPECIALLY if you already have a website.

Question: Can you give me a practical demonstration of this software?

Answer: Of course! In fact, here is the video tutorial outlining the use of the Website Phenom Builder software.


Question: I do not do internet marketing at all/ I am just a newbie! Will this be of a help to me?

Answer: Yes! Nowadays, every single entity and business in the world has a website. It will be of a detriment to you and your business if you do not have one. That is why this training and membership is important to you, because it will show you the painless way of getting your site set up!

If you are a newbie, all the more you must get this software and tutorial membership, because it will greatly accelerate your success on the internet.

Question: What topics would the 7 tutorial videos cover?

Answer: Alot. Everything from getting your own .com domain name to setting up wordpress.

Here are the videos and the topics they cover:

Video 1: How To Set Up Your Website

Video 2: How To Get Your Own .com Domain Name

Video 3: How To Upload Files Via FTP (file transfer protocol)

Video 4: How To Change Your DNS (Nameservers)

Video 5: How To Do A CPanel Redirect To Your Affiliate Links

Video 6: How To Do An Affiliate Link Cloaking Without Your Cpanel

Video 7: How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog In 12 Clicks!

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